A Growing Success

We maximize individual potential by offering ample resources for professional development and empowering employees to chart their own career course. We like to see our employees get ahead in life, so we provide the opportunities and assistance that will help them get there.

Family Oriented Mentality

We take care of all of our employees because we are not simply co-workers; we are all part of the GE family. Synergy is not something that can develop overnight; it takes time to build an effective relationship with the people you work with. We host several firm gatherings and events that both encourage and strengthen the bonds between our team members.

Become Inspired

It’s easy to become inspired working with experienced professionals that have developed a genuine concern for the success of the firm and a sincere passion for innovation. GE professionals thrive in a challenging environment that rewards innovation and relies on integrity. We develop the best possible IT solutions and deliver top quality client service. That’s something to be proud of.

Goldman Edwards INC
7315 Wisconsin Ave, suite 400W
Bethesda MD 20814


Enabling innovation and efficiencies to improve Software Development, Enterprise IT solutions and streamline sharing within our government clients mission.
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