Coronavirus (COVID 19) Services

Digitally Automated Service Management Tool for COVID-19

The collection of Coronavirus information amounts to a Big Data management issue within multiple government agencies. The data is vast, variant and dynamic. Unstructured data needs to be given structure for quick triage and risk assessments. A big challenge for the Vice President’s Coronavirus task force is to collect data from multiple government agencies, businesses, and healthcare organizations in order to implement extensive virus mitigation activities.

Today, the data is completely unstructured. Reports are received as spreadsheets, emails, phone calls, and other means, making it difficult to process quickly. As situational outbreaks occur, the command center must rapidly assemble the data, predict risk assessments and make critical decisions. Coordination is critical. A centralized platform for data collection, activity coordination and communication is needed to manage the crisis.

Automated Temperature Scanning Solution

Goldman Edwards Temperature Scanning System helps detect elevated body temperatures and provides fast, accurate mass screening for elevated temperatures. The system is non-invasive, non-contact, and fast. The system measures for elevated temperature with the use of a thermal camera. Fever is a symptom of SARS, Ebola, Coronavirus/COVID-19, and many other diseases. This system is not a diagnosis tool. A medical-grade thermometer and healthcare specialist should be consulted for medical diagnosis. The system can only detect elevated temperatures that may be a fever and does not diagnose any virus or disease.

thermal camera temperature scanner

COVID-19 Tactical Tiger Team (C-19 T3)

In response to COVID-19 impacts our team has assembled an elite group of experts directly supporting the highest-level of the government. Our core team will immediately execute solutions for (1) rapid data management, (2) critical communication loops, (3) advancing technological solutions, (4) stakeholder management & decision resolution (5) event driven: operational, mission, & industry advisory, (6) evolving regulatory flexibility / changes, and (7) focused change management / administrative tasks .

The COVID-19 Tactical Tiger Team (C-19 T3) contributes to the current Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), and future impact / continual plans, by providing dedicated, purposeful, and focused attention on agencies ecosystem in a time of emergency.

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